Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening


The white of teeth, “Beyond” Time!

Tooth whitening, which is the fastest and most effective method of “Beyond” with the natural color of the perfect whiteness of the teeth are getting lost.
Yellow, brown or gray color of the teeth is not difficult at all to get rid of a very short time kavuşulabilir white teeth.
Process of whitening agents used in the separation of oxygen and oxygen to reveal the color of the tooth with the pop-up.
Win back the whiteness of teeth lost between the methods can be applied to the fastest and most effective tooth whitening system, “Beyond” is. This method of teeth whitening product is applied directly.
The dentist gums and soft tissues to protect the whitening agent, and closes with a protective gel. Beyond the system after applying the medication with a special air-cooling device and the bleaching process that implements the light-started.
Beyond system, results can be obtained at the time.
Whitening, oral hygiene can be applied safely in patients with good and healthy teeth and gums.

Natural teeth, white, and be properly sorted, our face is one of the important aesthetic details. Very nice looking and performing the essential function of teeth is a fact that provides a positive contribution to the person’s life. Aesthetic dentistry tooth whitening ’of greater importance. Teeth, trauma, smoking, tea and coffee consumption, reasons such as the coloring occurs when antibiotics are used in his childhood. Distorting the aesthetics of coloring can be removed with tooth whitening and smile. Klinimizde tooth whitening systems for patient safety and comfort of the light filtering system was developed with the best Tooth Whitening System is applied Polus Beyond. Beyond Polus of the other whitening devices have the most distinctive feature is that filtering system. Ultraviolet rays filitrelediği old composite fillings in the mouth prior to whitening does not damage the gums do not result in the formation of a dark color.

Beyond teeth whitening system uses the latest technology in this sector, less than 1 hour at a time can provide the desired whiteness and aesthetics.

Over the years with regular brushing of teeth on the coffee, tea, non-dyed food thwarts stain formed, but had penetrated deeper into the tooth structure and tooth brushing may be ineffective against stains.

Beyond the cold light teeth whitening system may penetrate the dentin channels are activated and the oxygen molecules to help break the teeth that reach deep drop spots.

Beyond the most popular systems used in teeth whitening system is one of the world, used with gel that minimizes the sensitivity too cold light, the fastest, most gentle and offers the most effective method of whitening.
The scientific studies, according to the scale of 5 tons to 14 tons of VITA teeth discoloration was observed. Results showed that home whitening kits and compared to other products BEYOND whitening method gives better results than 30%.



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Bleaching is the process of bleaching the teeth by removing the discoloration of the teeth for various reasons.

What Causes Stains on Teeth
Dental tissue is a living, living tissue and is easily affected by external factors. After consumption of excessive amounts of dyes such as cigarettes, tea and coffee, yellowing and discoloration occur in the teeth. In addition, the mother’s use of some antibiotics or development during pregnancy The use of the child during the period causes discoloration in the structure of permanent teeth.

How To Whiten

Bleaching process can be done at home with special spoons made for the patient or it can be done in the office under the supervision of the physician. Before tooth whitening, oral examination should be done, tartar cleaning and polishing should be done, if any, decayed teeth should be treated. Otherwise, the whitening agents used cause sensitivity in the decayed tooth.

Home Type Whitening

Physician, who takes measurements from the patient, gives the patient to the patient together with the transparent plastic plaque bleaching agent covering the teeth. Apply it to the mouth by rubbing it with a spoon, lie down after cleaning the overflowing parts with cotton, this process continues for 5-6 days, after the estimated 3rd day, whitening begins.

Office Type Whitening

Applied by the physician in the clinic, after the patient’s calculus is cleaned and polished, the dentist insulates the patient’s gums with protective material and applies the whitening gel to the tooth. The light source is held on the teeth. This process is repeated periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, until it reaches the desired whiteness.


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