Our Mission

To be a professional and leading healthcare institution by taking patient satisfaction as a basis, making sure our service quality is the best. For this reason, Dental Clinics should be redefined to keep up with today's era and conditions.

To pioneer digital dentistry using the most up-to-date technology and to contribute positively to the development of our island in every aspect. With its friendly physicians and staff, it aims to be an institution that is known for its good work in the future without compromising scientific conscience and ethical values, and constantly improves and renews itself in order to contribute to the dentistry profession. Especially when hygiene rules are not followed adequately in Dental Clinics, it poses a great risk for working staff and patients. Patients and staff will be at a very sensitive point in terms of getting contamination and carrying it to others in an unconscious situation.

Our Vision

Our Story

Hakan Kuntay was born in Nicosia. some time after graduating from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry has worked in Turkey. He still serves his patients in his clinic in the Nicosia Küçük Kaymaklı region.

Hakan Kuntay, who has been practicing Dental Implant in his clinic since 1999, has had more than 1000 implant application experience by using various Dental Implant systems .

Career direction primarily from 'Implant Applications' Although the 'Smile Design', 'CAD CAM and Digital Dentistry' , 'Dental Laser' and 'Cosmetic Dentistry' on participated in training courses and congresses in many countries. Thanks to the Medical Aesthetics education he received in the UK, he provides a wider range of 'Dental Aesthetics' services to his patients .

He graduated from the University of Guglielmo Marconi in Italy with a master's degree in Oral Implantology . Hakan Kuntay, who prepared his master thesis on 'The Effects of Systemic Medications on Dental Implant Osseointegration: Current Status and Awareness of Dental Professionals a Survey Study' (The Current Situation and Awareness of Dentists Survey), It has implant application certificate in USA and EU countries .