Jaw Surgery

Jaw Surgery

Mouth, teeth, jaw and surgery, dentistry mouth, teeth and jaws related diseases, injuries and deformities, surgery is the branch that deals with diagnosis and treatment.

Female 20 years

Wisdom teeth usually begin to take their place in the mouth between the ages of 15-20. In the absence of sufficient space for the teeth, jaws, however, süremeyip, under the gums or jaw bone can remain embedded in the. 20 years can not find a place in the front teeth, tooth crowding, and this leads to pushing the print making. In addition, they are far behind the normal anatomical structure and surrounding gums and abscess can occur due to the easily.

Cases-20 teeth should be extracted

Although there is no problem-Why Do I Need your teeth Cause 20 years of burial?

Remove an embedded wisdom tooth problem çıkarmayacağı unpredictable. However, the problem appears, treatment, trouble-free teeth, and more complicated than can be painful. The most common diseases caused by infection with an embedded wisdom tooth pain, swelling in the corner of the jaw, mouth opening limitation and difficulty in swallowing.

After Operation

Apicoectomy (root tip position to resect)

Apical resection, resection of the root tip, the tip of the tooth root and surrounding tissue associated with removal of infected or pathological process. This process of inflammation and infection of root canal treatment or root end of the repetition of this treatment, although not improve or if the presence of associated chronic pathologies and the area around the tooth is made to restore a healthy structure.

The main aim of modern dentistry, is to avoid tooth loss. Now, dentists, natural teeth in the mouth in their efforts to keep the show. Because, even if a single tooth loss is caused by changes in the overall dental health and a negative view.

To be applied to the teeth with an average 30-90 dk.sürebilen apicoectomy before an operation based on recommendations of doctor of antimicrobial mouthwashes, anti-inflammatory and / or the use of antibiotics may be in question.



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It is one of the aims of dentistry to restore lost tooth tissue, aesthetics and function, to provide biological harmony. Porcelain is the most used restorative material with its aesthetic, tissue-friendly and appropriate physical properties. However, metal-supported porcelains developed to strengthen the physical properties of porcelain, the presence of metal infrastructure It does not have sufficient aesthetic and biological compatibility as porcelains without metal support.

Aesthetic Studies;

Porcelain Laminates

It is the technique of bonding a specially prepared porcelain layer in nail thickness, desired color, size and form to the front face of the tooth. In this method, unlike porcelain crown application, healthy teeth are not prepared much. Instead, a very thin tooth layer is removed only from the front of the tooth and the prepared porcelain lamina is adhered to the front of the tooth with special bonding techniques.

Scope of application:

With this technique called ‘laminate veneers’, only the front surfaces of our teeth are removed less than the amount of material taken in a filling and to make perfect color and texture compatible applications.

When the destruction of the teeth is excessive, the entire tooth is covered with a porcelain crown, porcelain crowns can be full porcelain or metal supported. Full porcelain crowns look more aesthetic and natural than metal-supported porcelains.

How are aesthetic fillings made? Aesthetic fillings are placed in prepared cavities layer by layer and each layer is cured with a special light. When this process is finished, the aesthetic fillings are shaped and corrected according to the tooth. All these processes take longer than amalgam filling. However, it is at least twice as expensive as amalgam. The duration of aesthetic fillings in the mouth is 7-10 years, which is close to the life of amalgam. However, amalgam is in favor of very large fillings.

Advantages and disadvantages: The biggest advantage of these fillings is their aesthetics. In addition, since these fillings are well connected to the teeth, they support the dental tissues and prevent fractures and heat. Composites can be used not only to restore caries, but also for their cosmetic effects by changing the color and shape of teeth. The most important disadvantage is the post-procedure sensitivity. The colors of the fillings may change slightly with coloring foods such as coffee and tea.

Zirconium crowns and bridges use zirconium, which is a white material instead of metal, as the substructure. Aesthetically beautiful, durable crowns and bridges are obtained by processing porcelain on it.

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