Our Environmental Policy

The year 2020 will undoubtedly hold an important place in history, especially in terms of hygiene and distance with sauce, in the formation of a new world order due to the covid19 virus.

It is now indispensable for health sector representatives to apply hygiene rules at the highest level in their treatment approaches to patients.

Especially when hygiene rules are not followed adequately in Dental Clinics, it poses a great risk for working staff and patients. Patients and staff will be at a very sensitive point in terms of getting contamination and carrying it to others in an unconscious situation.

For this reason, Dental Clinics should be redefined to keep up with today's age and conditions.

As a team, we attach great importance to patient rights, hygiene, trust, respect, and taking responsibility for the work we do in our clinic.

Thanks to the hepa filters we use in the fresh ventilation system in our clinic, 99% of the clinical areas are safe against all viruses, especially covid, in the waiting room, and there is a highly sterile environment in the work areas.